Getting Crafty

Clink! DIY craft studio helps visitors discover their creative side

Posted on Aug 30, 2018 :: Small Business Spotlight
Posted by , Insight on Business Staff Writer

It’s safe to say the day-to-day life of Mike Weber and Courtney Janson has changed dramatically in the past year or so. In 2017, they both left their corporate jobs in Milwaukee — he as an analyst and she as an accounting manager — and moved to Door County to open their own DIY craft studio, Clink!

The change seems drastic, but it’s something they’d wanted to pursue for several years. After Janson left her full-time position, “we decided that we should kick the tires on this idea we had. We put together a business plan, and around January of this year we were all in,” she says.

The couple opened the doors of Clink! in Ephraim last May, and now rather than sitting at a desk for work, they spend their days helping patrons try their hand at craft projects. Earlier this year, Clink! won Door County Economic Development Corp.’s business plan contest.

“A lot of the basis for Clink! was that Mike and I are big, active learners — we love to learn and we’re always self-teaching,” Janson says. “We wanted to bring that to Clink! to introduce people to something they have never tried before.”

Clink! offers step-by-step picture instructions for a wide array of projects ranging from jewelry making and leather pieces to wood projects and even etching, with more projects in the works.

The couple’s love for Door County drew them to the area initially, but it ultimately was the small business scene that sealed their decision.

“We love the small business community up here,” Janson says. “We’re looking forward to becoming a bigger part of the community and becoming more active in supporting other local businesses.”

While they have plenty of long-term goals, for now, the couple enjoys getting to know their customers while helping them achieve something unexpected.

“When there’s a customer that hasn’t tried a project before, you can tell that there’s this wavering or hesitation to try something that’s out of their comfort zone,” Janson says. “We really instill this sense of confidence, and we love seeing every customer really excited at the end of a project.”