Holding steady, ready for the next phase

Posted on Jun 29, 2018 :: Editor , Editor’s Insights
Posted by , Insight on Business Staff Writer

Balance. It is something most of us strive for — whether it is between work and family, our finances or healthy versus not-so-healthy foods. I was thinking about balance when I made the decision to return to Insight Publications and attempt to fill the shoes of Insight’s founding editor Margaret LeBrun, who retired last month after more than 10 years of guiding the magazine.

While I was excited to rejoin Insight’s great team (I worked on the staff during the magazine’s first years), the deciding factor for me was the opportunity to once again focus exclusively on telling the stories of businesses throughout the New North, taking a thorough look at the issues affecting companies and finding and making connections between all the people and organizations looking to improve the communities we call home.

With the topic of balance fresh in my mind, it was kismet when I learned this month’s cover story was on Network Health and its vibrant leader, Coreen Dicus-Johnson. The key to Network’s success, she says, is finding balance between managing the needs of employers and the needs of their workers. Staff reporter Jessica Thiel’s article (page 22) takes us behind the scenes of what has made Network so successful retaining clients long-term — something quite unusual in health insurance — while keeping pace with the ever-changing industry.

Making time for fun is essential in living a balanced life. Thiel takes us behind the scenes in this month’s Insight Insider (page 29) to share the story of how Fox Cities businessmen took their love of cars and transformed it into a fundraiser for a program that educates teens about making safer decisions behind the wheel.

Another prime example of balance is Anna Dunlap-Hartshorn, the subject of this month’s Side Hustle feature. Freelance writer Sharon Verbeten profiles Dunlap-Hartshorn, who manages to balance her three jobs as a successful wire artist, a permanent makeup artist and part-time library assistant at the Brown County Library (page 38).

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