Innovation award for Product: Wooda

Producing furniture designed by trendsetters — with a unique pathway to market

Posted on May 30, 2018 :: Innovation
Posted by , Insight on Business Staff Writer


After 20 years of running a successful custom furniture production company, Black Wolf Design owner and founder Terry Sweeney felt inspired to pursue a more modern, design-focused path that was missing in the furniture industry. That vision led to a new company, brand and product line called Wooda.

For its innovative thinking, the Omro company received an award in the “Product” category. Wooda targets trendsetters and style leaders with a focus on quality and uniqueness. Each Wooda product is manufactured in limited quantity, numbered in sequence, branded and signed by the designer, lending it lasting value.

The contest judges were impressed with the innovative way the company created a pathway to the market for industrial, furniture and décor designers, as well as offering scalability for high-end wood furniture with timelessly modern style.

Wooda targets and recruits industrial designers worldwide to take part by applying online and sending their furniture designs, which, if chosen after a jury process, are produced at no cost to the designer. Upon the sale of an item, the company shares a percentage of that sale with the designer as a royalty. Wooda produces and markets the designs, bringing something new to the market with no risk to the participating designer.

In the beginning stages, Wooda focused on designer recruitment and building relationships within the industrial design community to build a portfolio of products. Going forward, the company is focusing on marketing the brand.

Sweeney predicts the company will continue to grow through the development of relationships with industrial designers worldwide, creating a community of like-minded people by connecting designers, Wooda manufacturing skills and design-driven clientele.