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Posted on Dec 2, 2019 :: Reader Recommended
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Every month, we ask our readers what they’re reading, watching or doing that’s so great they want to share it with others. This month, we asked Insight staff members what they would recommend to our readers, who we are so thankful for.
— Compiled by Insight Editor MaryBeth Matzek

Think local–shop local

“The holidays and gift-giving season are here. Consider doing as much shopping at locally owned businesses as possible. Small, locally owned businesses — whether they’re boutiques, restaurants, jewelers, florists, services or entertainment — are the heart of every community and need your support. These are the businesses giving back and supporting local schools, sports teams, churches, nonprofit organizations and the community — the big box stores and online shopping usually don’t. Plus, the personal attention you get at local stores and knowing you are keeping a local business’s doors open is worth it. Enjoy the giving season and shopping local.”

Diane Verhagen, Account Executive


Newsroom insider

“In ‘She Said,’ New York Times journalists Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey bring you the story behind their Pulitzer Prize-winning investigation of Harvey Weinstein and others who helped ignite the #MeToo movement. The book describes what the reporters needed to do to gather information and get sources on the record. Plus, there’s additional reporting on Weinstein and other cases. It’s a great read for anyone who wants the inside story about the investigation or to get a feel for what it’s like to be involved in a big news story and the energy and rush involved.”

MaryBeth Matzek, Editor


Quieting the mind
“I’ve long wanted to adopt a meditation practice, but taming my monkey mind has always proved challenging. The Headspace app has given me the solution I need. Its guided meditations keep my mind on track, and during my practices, I’ve gradually learned to watch my thoughts pass like clouds in the sky rather than getting carried away by them. It’s taken more than a year to actually look forward to meditating, but I do now, and with 27 hours and counting of meditation logged since the beginning of my journey, I’ve finally formed a new healthy habit.”

Jessica Thiel, Associate Editor


Turning back the clock

“Imagine being in the best shape of your life. Last December, I read the book ‘Younger Next Year,’ co-authored by Dr. Henry S. Lodge and his patient, Chris Crowley. (Actually, I listened to it on Audible.) Each author alternates chapters to provide a guide to better living, especially as you approach retirement. Readers get ‘Harry’s Rules’ regarding exercise, diet and the need to ‘connect and commit.’ Most aging occurs because it’s exactly what we program into our cells by sedentary living, junk food and stress. I truly feel younger today than last year and look forward to enjoying a healthy last third of my life.”

Brian Rasmussen, Publisher


Easy organization

“Organization is not something that came naturally to me. I’ve gone through a lot of trial and error in my career to find tools and a workflow to help keep track of all my responsibilities and deadlines. For years now, I’ve been using an iPad app called ‘GoodNotes.’ It takes advantage of the handwritten aspect of note taking with the Apple pencil that helps me memorize, yet keeps everything in one digital space so I’m not going through notepads of paper. It even has foldering systems, and syncs with your phone if you don’t have your iPad with you.”

Bryan Aschenbrenner, Lead Designer