Kids and coffee

Mini Mocha Play Café offers fun for children, parents in Sheboygan

Posted on Jan 30, 2020 :: Small Business Spotlight
Posted by , Insight on Business Staff Writer

The winter months in Wisconsin can feel long — especially for parents who need to find ways to keep their children occupied indoors.

Enter Mini Mocha Play Café in Sheboygan, an imagination-inspired play space geared toward children age 6 and younger. The business offers numerous Montessori-style toys that encourage creative play, and the space is a single room, which makes it easier for parents to keep an eye on their little ones.

As for the parents? Don’t worry, there’s something for them, too. They get a free drip coffee or green tea with admission, which they can enjoy while engaging and conversing with other adults. Consider it the best of both worlds.

That’s exactly what Stephanie Rakun, the owner of Mini Mocha Play Café, was going for. A former teacher and then a stay-at-home mom herself, she was all too familiar with the struggle of keeping her three girls occupied.

After visiting a similar business in Shorewood, she was inspired to bring something like it to the Sheboygan area. She opened Mini Mocha Play Café last April. Things have been going great since then, and she expects activity to pick up even further during the peak winter months. “Our prime season is (now),” she says. “Every day, we already get a handful of people who have just heard of us and are first-time visitors.”

Rakun says unlike a lot of play spaces out there, Mini Mocha Play Café focuses on the little ones. That means you won’t find climbing structures or activities where kids could hurt themselves. Of course, that’s not to say bigger kids can’t come along and join the fun — they’ll even get reduced pricing.

As she looks to the future of the business, Rakun is excited to offer part-time positions for other stay-at-home parents, as well as expanding to different cities and potentially even exploring franchising. But, for now, she’s just enjoying bringing a much-needed service to the area.

“The community has been so accepting,” she says. “Every person who has stopped in has been so complimentary and really happy that we’re here.”