Playing around

Posted on Oct 3, 2016 :: Made in the New North
Posted by , Insight on Business Staff Writer

BCI Burke is the best friend you hardly know. But your kids probably do.

The Fond du Lac company — designers and fabricators of modular playgrounds and an array of playground-related equipment — got into the business basically “by accident” in the 1920s when company founder John Edward Burke, who owned and operated a weather stripping company and designed radiator furniture, was asked to fabricate a slide for a neighbor.

That one request resulted in a shift in business and 95 years later, the company’s work, along with happy children, can be seen on playgrounds from coast-to-coast.

From simple metal slides and swings of its earliest years, to the colorful twisting tubes, swinging ropes and climbing ladders of today, the company has been a leader in playground design and development.

In fact, one of the quintessential pieces of playground equipment of the 1970s, Funnel Ball, was invented by Burke. The company’s mantra is a simple one that resonates in our digital age: Burke, play that moves you.