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Posted on Jun 30, 2020 :: Reader Recommended
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What are you reading, watching, wearing or doing that’s so great you want to share it with others? We asked a few of our Insight readers, and this is what they said.
— Compiled by Insight Editor MaryBeth Matzek

Virtually roughing it

“When I need an escape from the tense news headlines, I binge-watch a phenomenal YouTube channel, ‘Simple Living Alaska,’ with Arielle and Eric, a young couple who survive sustainably — and quite nicely — in their off-grid cabin in the rugged Alaskan terrain. These two are great teachers, and funny to boot!”

Amy Spreeman, Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region, Grand Chute

Personalized learning

“I like the podcasts from Automation World ( because they are short, usually less than 30 minutes. They focus on one topic, and you can listen to them at any time. They are also not filled with a lot of advertisements but give you some insights into some products that can help you, without being a sales pitch. You can check the website and read a brief overview of the topics and then decide if you want to listen or not. The people speaking know their subject and have good insight into the issues they are addressing.”

Michael Schlagenhaufer, Acuity, Sheboygan 

Learning from others

“I know people have mentioned the ‘How I Built This’ podcast with Guy Roz before, but I want to share some of my favorites since you can go back to listen. My favorite stories include Katrina Lake, the founder of Stitch Fix; Ron Shaich, the founder of Panera Bread; and Jerry Murrell, the founder of Five Guys. Learning about their meager beginnings combined with their motivators and perseverance is inspirational, and in many cases, gives me so much more respect for their brands.”

Donna Gehl, Image Studios, Appleton  

‘What not to do’

“These are some crazy times we are in. Since I started with Tom James, a constant reminder I hear from everyone is you’ve got to feed your mind. Pre-pandemic and now, I’ve been trying to fuel my mind with as much positivity and/or growth mindset as possible. I stumbled across an individual named Kyle Schmitz and his podcast, ‘What Not To Do.’ It’s been a game changer. He is local to the Fox Valley and is interviewing the successful of the successful here in Northeast Wisconsin and asking them ‘What Not To Do.’ I’ve learned at least one nugget each podcast and was even invited to be on the podcast myself. As we navigate our current reality, I have learned from others’ mistakes and am implementing principles/business advice/pivots in my business.”

Nicholas Badilla, Tom James Co., Appleton