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Posted on Aug 31, 2020 :: Reader Recommended
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What are you reading, watching, wearing or doing that’s so great you want to share it with others? We asked a few of our Insight readers, and this is what they said.

— Compiled by Insight Editor MaryBeth Matzek

Feeling confident

“In my daily work with business professionals, the topic of confidence is frequently referenced. Feeling under-confident can often paralyze an individual, while displays of overconfidence may significantly impact their influence and results. Understanding your natural tendencies in dealing with specific situations or personality types is critically important toward becoming a more impactful leader. In his book, ‘Authentic Confidence,’ author Ben Fauske provides a simple framework of seven confidence profiles, defining their characteristics. Most importantly, he discusses how those profiles interact with each other, and how through greater self-awareness, you can ‘flex’ across the spectrum to enhance your influence and impact.”

Dean Stewart, St. Norbert College Center for Exceptional Leadership, De Pere


Tapping into creative energy 

“Dr. Joe Dispenza’s ‘Becoming Supernatural: How Common People Are Doing the Uncommon’ has been an inspiration during the COVID-19 pandemic. The book explores meditations and energy fields, and reminds us that we are supernatural by nature. When we learn how to effectively tap into our creative energies, our manifestations are then able to turn into action and therefore cultivate a greater change for good. This book is a great reminder of our vast potential within and how energy can be a tool to balance and heal.”

Ashley Kohler, Wellness Kohler Co., Kohler


Rediscovering an old favorite

“Working from home quite a bit and being out on the patio where we have a speaker hooked up, I discovered the Bill Staines channel on Pandora. Bill is an ‘old folkie’ singer/songwriter whom I have known for 40 years. I met many of the artists featured on this channel and it is wonderful to hear all these great songs again. Nanci Griffith, Stan Rogers, David Mallet, Tom Paxton, Kate Wolf, Gordon Bok and more popular people like Gordon Lightfoot and Harry Chapin are all here, as is Bill himself. This was such a creative period for traditional songwriting that shares experiences, emotions and insights of lasting value. Time to pick up my guitars again.”

Jim Golembeski, Bay Area Workforce Development Board, Green Bay


Refining your skills   

“There is no one who challenges my thoughts on marketing like the one and only Mark Schaefer. I was privileged to hear him speak in person at Social Media Marketing World in 2019 and remember thinking he was audacious, refreshing and someone I had to hear more from. His blog, {grow}, offers insights that push me to rethink my perspective on how to reach people and have them stick around. As Mark says, ‘You can’t buy your way into a customer journey. You have to be invited in. That’s what marketing is about today.’ His tips on consistently focusing on human-centered strategies have helped me develop a new mindset that confronts conventional marketing and deepens my professional skill set.”

Molly Soto, Element, De Pere