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Posted on Oct 30, 2020 :: Reader Recommended
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What are you reading, watching, wearing or doing that’s so great you want to share it with others? We asked a few of our Insight readers, and this is what they said.

— Compiled by Insight Editor MaryBeth Matzek

Paying tribute 

“I recommend ‘March’ by John Lewis. On the occasion of the recent death of one of my personal heroes, rereading the graphic novel memoir of the late civil rights leader and ‘conscience of the Congress’ seemed an appropriate tribute to his life and memory. His dedication to social justice and non-violence, getting into ‘good trouble, necessary trouble,’ should be an inspiration to all of our better natures.”

Sam Perlman, Door County Maritime Museum, Sturgeon Bay


Valuing our resources 

“If you want to learn about the Great Lakes but are more interested in a story than a complex lecture or thesis, then check out ‘The Death and Life of the Great Lakes’ by Dan Egan. Egan is a reporter at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel who grew up in Green Bay, spending his summers on the Lake Michigan shore in Door County. This book chronicles his incredible research of what humanity has done to damage a valuable ecosystem. Egan warns us of new threats and gently coaxes us to see the lakes for their true value. They make up the largest body of freshwater in the world and provide inestimable worth to the Midwest.”

Andrea Hay, Green Bay Water Utility, Green Bay


Virtual coffee break

“My favorite type of conversation is one that happens around a cup of coffee. Foundant Technologies hosts virtual coffee talks for anyone interested in philanthropy. It’s like a podcast where everyone gets to be the host. Although the core audience changes from grant makers to finance to donor management, the format is always the same: an interactive, informative and casual conversation with peers. I’m so happy to connect with people near and far in such a simple way!”

Rosie Sprangers, Little Chute


Makes you think

“In the days of spending more time at home, it hasn’t always resulted in more time reading. However, it has allowed me to get reconnected with some of my favorite podcasts, one of them being ‘Radiolab.’ This podcast always leaves me learning something I didn’t know before and challenges me to think differently about the world and common everyday objects. Before the days of Bluetooth in the car, my husband and I would download our favorite episodes onto CDs to help pass the time on long road trips.

Holly Rutter, Catalpa Health, Appleton