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Posted on Jan 30, 2019 :: Reader Recommended
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What are you reading, watching, wearing or doing that’s so great you want to share it with others? We asked a few of our Insight readers, and this is what they said.
— Compiled by Insight Editor MaryBeth Matzek


Starting out right

“I read Vu Le’s weekly Monday morning blog, Nonprofit AF. The blog contains inspiration and motivation for nonprofit professionals who are often fatigued. The posts bring together insights from a variety of perspectives in the nonprofit sector.”

Anna Bierer, Wisconsin Literacy Inc.    


Fostering hope

“As 2018 came to a close, I turned my way through Anne Lamott’s new book, ‘Almost Everything: Notes on Hope.’ She serves up a series of essays fashioned as advice on how to do (or not do) life. It’s a delightful, comforting and campy collection of thoughts and sometimes ramblings, as her books perfectly are. One excerpt calls on us to open our hearts, discover a kind of happy exhaustion (two otherwise ordinary words that find extraordinary meaning when paired together), and peace of concentration. I recommend it for all who are looking for what I like to call ‘legit lit’ — an inward-focusing work of nonfiction, and in this case, a truth-packing pick-me-up!”

Alison Fiebig, U.S. Venture, Combined Locks


On track to feel better

“Food intolerances are on the rise and can be very difficult to figure out. There are a number of tests that can be taken, but often they are inconclusive or just plain wrong. I found no shortcuts to answers, but I did find a helpful app created by doctors —Cara — to track what I eat and how I feel. It’s a very easy way to monitor your digestive health and help you understand the connection between mind, gut, nutrition and well-being. Cara is your own personalized health diary.”

Amanda Krueger, American National Bank Fox Cities


Focused approach

“‘Rotoma: The ROI of Social Media Top of Mind’ helped me understand that expecting to reach all forms of social media was the wrong approach for the visual market I want to reach. I’m primarily B2B, so I’ve chosen LinkedIn and Instagram because of the professionals attracted to both. Also, to gain front of mind means that putting forth a consistent scheduled plan is more effective in social media than doing it hit and miss.”

Phil Weston, Weston Imaging, Oshkosh