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Video series spotlights best of region to potential hires

Posted on May 30, 2018 :: New North
Posted by , Insight on Business Staff Writer

The “In the New North” video series not only helps employers sell themselves to potential recruits, but also the entire region.

Since the New North branding and marketing committee began rolling out the six videos for “In the New North” last August, the series has logged more than 34,000 views, with one in 10 views coming from Illinois. Click here to view the videos.

“We received such positive feedback from the videos with more than 60 companies using them in their recruitment efforts,” says Jeff Blumb of Nation Consulting, a member of the branding and marketing committee. “We are also hearing stories from people of how they called up one of the videos to show someone looking to learn more about the New North what we’re all about.”

Some of the businesses using the videos in their hiring efforts include Schneider National, Schreiber Foods, Oshkosh Corp. and J. J. Keller & Associates.

“The videos can be easily shared and passed along to potential employees to view so they can learn more about the region,” Blumb says.

Dr. Imran Andrabi, president and CEO of ThedaCare, who moved to the New North a year ago, says the videos do an excellent job of promoting the region to potential employees.

“Some of the best recruiting materials I’ve seen thus far are video shorts produced by New North, the Northeast Wisconsin regional economic development consortium that is itself a work of cooperative genius,” he says. “The series illustrates why someone would want to live and work in these communities. It has been a helpful tool for ThedaCare to recruit top talent to our team and improve the health of the communities we serve.”

The idea for the video series came following the 2016 New North Summit, where the “North of What You Expect” video debuted.

“Everyone loved the video and we — the marketing and branding committee — wanted to take those resources and find other ways to showcase them,” Blumb says. “We knew that few people would sit down and watch a four-minute video online, so we decided to cut it into smaller pieces — about a minute each — and make them easily shareable.”

With that idea in mind, the group created themes for six episodes and began pulling them together. Each one-minute video is focused on a theme word: Live, Achieve, Play, Prosper, Belong and Impact. Video clips depict the themes and how they all connect with living in the New North.

Community members narrate the videos, which allow viewers to connect with them more easily, Blumb says. Since the series was designed primarily to attract millennial workers, he says careful thought was put into deciding who would narrate the videos, choosing to incorporate lots of young faces.

The videos also do not shy away from the realistic, tough questions people have about living in the New North, including “what you do all winter?” Blumb says.

“We include in a video images of the many fun winter activities people do around here, whether it is skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling — there is a lot, and you show them that and they are like, ‘yes,’” he says.

The New North is not the only location looking to attract workers. The State of Wisconsin has launched an ambitious campaign in both Illinois and Minnesota to encourage residents living there to look at Wisconsin. While Blumb says the two projects are separate from each other, they both carry the same theme.

“It wasn’t planned, but it’s good we are both working in parallel on this vital issue,” he says.

While all the videos have debuted — a new one was released every month or so — Blumb says the next step is to better promote them on social media and online. One area the group is looking to place the videos is on real estate sites.

“People who are thinking about moving here go to places like Trulia or local Realtor sites to look at houses. If we can place our videos there, more people will see them and learn more about what it’s really like to live here,” he says. “There is still a lot more we can do with them.