Rough riders

Posted on Aug 1, 2017 :: Made in the New North
Posted by , Insight on Business Staff Writer

With Schutt Industries’ XVENTURE off-road trailer, roughing it becomes considerably easier.

Founded in 1998, Clintonville-based Schutt Industries has established itself as a leading manufacturer of military trailers and cargo handling equipment. The company knows the use and abuse military equipment endures, and it took that engineering expertise and carried it over to a commercial line of trailers.

“That same construction and durability is something we’ve transferred into those product lines,” says Steve Schutt, vice president of sales and operations.

XVENTURE trailers cater to overland, off-road professionals and enthusiasts as well as campers. No ordinary trailer, the XVENTURE features a military-grade suspension, promises a smooth ride, and boasts a 2,000-pound-plus payload capacity that can haul motorcycles and ATVs.


Schutt says the trailers have allowed the company to diversify. What started as a vision for a simple commercial trailer has grown, he says, and customers today want a one-stop shop and a system versus a trailer.

Offering customizable options, adventurers can set up a tent to sleep atop the trailer and cook below on the trailer’s well-appointed galley kitchen. Going forward, Schutt sees limitless possibilities with innovations and technology.