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New North recruiting video gives prospects a candid view across multiple platforms

Posted on Mar 1, 2017 :: Up Front
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IF SEEING TRULY IS BELIEVING, area talent recruiters have a new tool that will up a prospect’s eyesight of the New North to 20/20 vision.

Debuted at the New North Summit, the “North of What You Expect” video gives viewers a whirlwind tour of the amenities and assets that make up Northeast Wisconsin, from pristine trails to industrial parks, and from Packers tailgates to farmers’ markets. It provides a robust slice of life in the region in a pretty tight four-plus minutes.

For recruiters trying to reach a digital generation, the new video gives them a powerful tool to answer the lifestyle questions from talent currently living outside the region.

“We are in the middle of intern recruiting right now, and we’ve had some positive feedback,” says Hillary Anderson, vice president of human resources at Werner Electric Supply. “We’ve gone away from providing big, bulky brochures to prospects. The video works well with our targets.”

That’s the reaction New North Inc. was looking for when it commissioned the video in 2016 to better tell the story of living in the region, says Jeci Casperson, the organization’s director of marketing and investor relations. While concrete numbers are still a bit hard to come by — recruiters have only had the video since January — the anecdotal feedback has been positive, Casperson says.

“We have a lot of different groups that have reached out with some good feedback,” Casperson says. “Many of our larger companies say they are finding it a helpful tool.”

Many of these larger companies, like Werner, have embedded the video on their web pages, mixing it with company-specific information and videos. If there was a recurring critique that emerged from the early adapters, it was a request to break the video down into even smaller snippets that could be used to target prospects via social media — a key to reaching talented young professionals.

While pretty slim at 4 minutes, 42 seconds, that’s still too much bulk for the more popular social media channels. New North has begun working on those options, Casperson says.

Already, the group working on the video is planning to roll out targeted, 30-second vignettes from both the finished video and outtakes that highlight topical areas. For example, one of the 30-second vignettes might highlight recreation or entertainment venues, says Jeff Blumb, of Nation Consulting, a partner of New North.

“It’s likely a lot of these topics will parallel with things that we know young professionals are interested in,” Blumb says. “These will be easily shareable, and we know video is an effective way to show off the region.”

Casperson says New North is working on plans that will allow companies to customize the video content by adding in slides with specific company information and contacts.

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