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Posted on May 1, 2011 :: Small Business Spotlight
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When MBM moves into its new headquarters in the Town of Menasha near the end of 2012, it will be a move more than two years in the making.

Last summer, Fritz Merizon, president and general manager of MBM, a document and technology and imaging-products management company, made the decision to vacate its leased Appleton location and move into a building that better fit its needs. “I knew our lease would be up at the end of 2012; I knew we would have the time to do it right,” he says.

“It” is building a new headquarters that better fits the company’s mission and what its employees do on a daily basis. MBM teamed up with Miron Construction and McMahon Group to design and build a 30,000-square-foot corporate headquarters in the McMahon Business Park, located off of Highway 10 and County CB in the Town of Menasha.

But before anything was final on paper, MBM decided to work carefully with McMahon and Miron to get employees involved in the design process. Many employees were assigned to innovation teams that looked at how different departments connected, how ideas were shared and what was the most efficient use of space.

“We talked with employees and looked at the workspace and came up with what the ideal space would be and what message that would send,” says Steve Tyink, Miron’s vice president of business innovation. “We developed an innovation map and blueprint that looked at how it all worked. Is the right feeling being sent to people as they come in to the office?”

MBM plans to break ground on the project this summer and move into the new location during the fourth quarter of 2012. Merizon hopes the new location will raise MBM’s profile and people will think about them as more than just “that copier company.”

The new building will include a flexible space for onsite meetings and training. “This will be one of the most exciting pieces of the new building,” Tyink says.

Merizon says MBM’s five business guiding i5 principles – innovate, inspire, impact, initiate and invest – all played an integral role throughout the design process. “The flexible space will allow us to be more innovative and initiate some new ideas,” he says. “Employees are energized about what’s happening. It’s been very exciting.”

For example, the new building is near the Highway 10 and CB trails and some employees are already excited about being able to go for walks on their lunch hour, Merizon says. The building’s overall design is also meant to promote a more vibrant working environment, he says.

“The goal of our new office building is to holistically reflect the same business practices that we try to work on with clients every day. At the end of the day, our environment will be conducive to working smarter and faster, which will ultimately translate into enhanced customer and employee experiences,” he says.

Tyink and architect Craig Sachs of McMahon are grateful for the time and effort MBM is investing into its new building to make sure it fits the company’s mission. “With most projects, you don’t get a lot of time to look at all the details, but we’ve been fortunate we’ve been able to work through so many issues and topics and get employees involved,” Sachs says.

While the building’s exterior design is in its final stages, Tyink is working on the interior, such as what individual workspaces will look like. Employees already have weighed in about what they liked and didn’t like about their current work environment. Miron will set up some sample workspaces and employees will have the ability to say what they like and what they don’t like and changes will be made, he says.

“We’ve done this with other projects – designing spaces using employee input to create a work space that works for them,” Tyink says.

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