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Posted on Apr 1, 2010 :: Editor
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Margaret LeBrun

our third year with Insight magazine. The realization that we have now published 25 issues of our monthly magazine (plus 10 issues of our sister publication, Insight on Manufacturing) helps validate why it seems we’re always moving at warp speed here at Insight Publications. Sometimes it’s easy for us to forget that for many readers, we’re still the fresh face on the block.

Like getting to know a new friend, you want to know more once you’re better acquainted. So here’s a little Q&A on Insight, plus an update on what we’ve been up to these past two years.

What makes Insight unique? First, Insight is the only business publication that covers the entire 18-county region of New North, including Green Bay and the Fox Cities, from Sheboygan to Door County and west to Waupaca. Our mailing list of more than 16,000 qualified subscribers reaches more business and professional readers than any other business magazine in the region.

Second, we are independently owned and operated by a team of professionals with long-time experience in the region. This keeps us nimble so we can quickly respond to requests of our readers and business partners. We’re plugged into the community of Northeast Wisconsin and enjoy living up to our tagline: Connecting business and people in the New North.

Third, we are more than a printed magazine. You can also read every issue of Insight in its entirety on our website with our exclusive NxtBook digital version. Find it at and click through to see videos, link to websites, e-mails and all our advertisers’ websites. A key difference with Insight: We maintain a strict separation between news and advertising. Why is this important? We believe that our readers are smart, savvy and know the difference between paid content and original journalism. Some publishers actually invite their readers to buy “cover stories” – and you can even write your own story! Others offer “pay-for-play” arrangements, in which you can submit an article … if you pay for the ad next to it. Is this information you can trust? At Insight, we recognize the demand for advertising to occasionally include more information. Case in point: This month’s special insert on the G2B conference. Notice, however, that each page is labeled, “special advertising section.” The editorial staff and freelance journalists who contribute to Insight are not involved in the reporting or writing of any paid content that appears in the magazine. It’s about integrity. How do you choose cover subjects? We know that the real estate on the front of our 12 issues is dear. That’s why we convene a committee of experienced journalists to help vet subjects for our cover stories. Together we consider the newsworthiness of each subject, relevance and interest to our business readers and the diverse mix of the companies and people we feature. We also tap the expertise of our Editorial Advisory Board, whose members are listed on page 5. These are well-connected professionals who offer their advice in exchange for an occasional cup of coffee with our team. Where can you find Insight? Between our pages, of course! In all seriousness, the magazine is mailed to business owners, top executives and professionals throughout Northeast Wisconsin. To subscribe, visit our website, – then click on “subscribe” and fill out the form. What has Insight done lately? We were a lead partner in launching the first InDevelopment conference in January, we’ve also been involved in the BLEND leadership conference in February and we’re the media sponsor for the G2B green business conference April 28. We produce the New North Report to the Community each December and the New North Mid-Year Report in July. We also produce campaign booklets for the United Way of Brown County and the Fox Cities. How can you get “in?” Now that we’ve shared more about us, we’d like to get to know you better, too. If you have a news tip, question or comment about Insight, please feel free to get in touch. Our contact information appears on page 4.


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