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Next Chapter Financial Coaching helps others achieve financial freedom

Posted on Jun 29, 2018 :: Small Business Spotlight
Posted by , Insight on Business Staff Writer

Amanda Bauer’s journey to business ownership had a tragic start. Pregnant with her second child last year, Bauer’s husband died unexpectedly.

Bauer recognized she had become not only solely responsible for her family’s financial health, but she also felt a calling to honor her late husband through her work.

Bauer and her husband both shared a passion for the work of financial icon Dave Ramsey and his methods for debt-free living. After her husband’s death, Bauer connected with Ramsey’s organization in Tennessee — even getting the chance to meet him and be trained as a financial coach. After finishing her training in early 2018, Bauer started Next Chapter Financial Coaching in March.

“I felt like this business was a way for me to carry on my husband’s legacy, offer a service to the community and also have some flexibility with now being a single parent,” Bauer says. “I explain that this business is my own next chapter in life, and I also help people with their own next chapter — which is hopefully a debt-free one.”

Bauer describes her business as a personal trainer for her clients’ money. Following an initial consultation over the phone, Bauer works with her clients to develop a solid plan they can follow to take control of their finances. She typically checks in with one face-to-face meeting and two phone calls each month. While she does offer six-month packages, Bauer says the majority of her clients are ready to fly solo after just three months of working with her.

Having experienced the stress of dealing with mounting debt firsthand, Bauer finds her line of work rewarding.

“I love that, in most situations, people are able to see some hope very early on in their financial coaching,” Bauer says. “People see that success and start feeling like they’re getting some control. That’s my goal — to give people the skills and tools to manage it all on their own.”