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Posted on Sep 1, 2009 :: Editor
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By now you probably know that Insight offers much more than a printed, monthly magazine. Many of you click on our e-marketer newsletter when we announce each new issue, and head straight to our digital version at

I’m here to say that whatever you liked before, you’ll be getting that and much more. It’s a great resource and it’s fun to explore all the possibilities with the technology at hand. You can still click to see videos with our cover stories and “Downtime” features. Every ad still links directly to the advertiser’s home page. But the site is more dynamic than ever.

This month, we’re launching our new home page, which we developed with the help of John Ernst Corporation, Neenah. You can still click on the cover to open the digital version. Now, you can also view our featured stories in a text-only format and view archived articles by department. For example, Cover Stories, Face Time interviews, Green Business and Downtime features have their own tabs on the navigation bar and you can see what we’ve covered in recent months in that department. Articles can be found with online search engines such as Google.

Last month we switched to a new digital magazine format that lets you interact in multiple ways with each page. I’ve been playing with it for several weeks and every time I visit our website, I find something new. For instance, you can:

» Forward a page to a friend or your entire company.
» Send a page to LinkedIn, Twitter or other social networking sites. Post an article to Digg – this is cool if you like to share interesting articles with friends.
» Insert notes and comments on a page (Want to circle your company’s name and forward it on? You can do that. Feel inspired to write your own captions? Have a little fun and make up your own!)
» Search your name, company name or any keyword in the magazine – including our archives — and find instant references.
» Click on cover call-outs, or on any headline on the table of contents, and jump directly to related stories.
» View the entire magazine in different formats. Along the bottom of the page you can click on “pages” to see all the pages as thumbnails on one page or click on “contents” to see pages horizontally. They will pop up like a hand of playing cards and you can grab the one you want.
» Bookmark a page – a colored tab will remain on the page down the side of the magazine, whatever page you flip to.
» Print a page or create a PDF. (For more than one copy, you’ll still need to contact us.)

At the top left, you can adjust the viewing size of the page. Hit “close up” and you’ll get a rectangular magnifying glass you can move around to see pages  up to twice their original size. Click on “zoom” and you can zoom in up to 400 percent.

Watch for special bookmarks each month that will take you directly to inserts. For example, this month our readers in Brown County and in the Fox Cities received a printed version of their local United Way annual campaign booklets. Any online reader can view both in the digital format. (The Fox Cities United Way includes a wonderful video that you can link to online.) Last month, we bookmarked the 2009 U.S. Oil Open Fund Report. Come December, watch for the New North Report to the Community.

One more thing: Hit “subscribe” on the lower left part of our digital magazine and create an “app” that will send RSS feeds to your search engine home page as they become available.

We plan to continually add new features to our website. Check us out online. Have fun!


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