UP FRONT: Oshkosh Defense acquires $192M contract

Posted on Jul 1, 2013 :: Up Front
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Oshkosh Defense secured a $192 million contract to produce a fleet of P-19R Replacement Aircraft and Fire Fighting (ARFF) vehicles to respond to aircraft fire emergencies for the U.S. Marine Corps. Photo courtesy of Oshkosh Defense.

The U.S. Marine Corps selected Oshkosh Defense of Oshkosh Corporation to construct its new fleet of P-19R Replacement Aircraft and Fire Fighting (ARFF) vehicles. These P-19R vehicles will be used on military bases and expeditionary airfields as first-responders for aircraft fire emergencies. The vehicles are expected to replace the previous fleet of P-19 ARFF vehicles, which will reach the end of their service lives in the next several years. The value of the contract is estimated at $192 million.

“Oshkosh has been supporting the P-19 ARFF fleet for more than 30 years, and we are honored that the U.S. Marine Corps has selected Oshkosh to provide a new generation of emergency response capabilities,” said John Urias, Oshkosh Corporation executive vice president and president of Oshkosh Defense, in a press release. “Oshkosh leveraged product and engineering expertise from both our Defense and Airport Products teams to respond to the P-19R solicitation.”

The Oshkosh P-19R has advanced firefighting capabilities for the volatile situations Marines might face, Urias says.

Oshkosh Defense recently announced that it would reduce its local workforce by about 900 because of the completion of a $3 billion military vehicle contract and overall reductions in Department of Defense spending. Many of Oshkosh Defense’s divisions are seeing increased demand, however.

The Oshkosh Airport Product’s division of Oshkosh Defense is the preeminent ARFF vehicle producer worldwide. Its vehicles are operating in more than 70 countries. Oshkosh Defense began work on the project in June and expects completion in May 2018.