Champions of Innovation

Businesses sHAre their stories of Innovation

Innovation is the key to business success. It helps set organizations apart from the competition and integral to growth.

At Insight Publications, we want to help businesses celebrate their innovations in our special Champions of Innovation issue. The New North is home to many businesses who have used innovation to improve quality, increase productivity and sustainability and create a new product or process. Also, this year we are looking for stories of innovation inspired by the pandemic. Perhaps your business began making a new product to help support frontline workers or changed your business offerings to better meet customer demands. By sharing these stories of innovation in one issue, it provides us all a chance to acknowledge what you’ve accomplished.

While Insight writers have featured some companies and their stories of innovation in our magazine, everything in this special Champions of Innovation issue is told in the words of the companies themselves, as sponsored content.  You provide us with the content and have the chance to approve the finished product as it’s designed for your space.

The special section will be included with Insight’s May issue. 

Consider this special section a snapshot of all of the innovation happening in the New North. We’re inviting all businesses to share their special stories while inviting readers to kick back and enjoy the celebration of innovation in our community!

To reserve your sponsored content in Champions of Innovation, contact Stephanie Crowe at [email protected] or Diane Verhagen at [email protected] The deadline is Feb. 15.

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