Bassett Mechanical builds healthy solutions

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused an increased focus on building and facility health. Facility owners and operators from various industries have begun to take active steps to increase the safety and health of their operations.

As a company, we have seen a rise in interest from customers looking to further explore the numerous building health options available to them. Primary concerns from customers seeking these solutions include interest in a proactive approach to air quality and supporting a safe and comfortable environment for their occupants and associates.

As experts in innovative building health solutions, our teams quickly answered this need by creating a summary of building health options to help customers choose which solutions would best fit their building health goals. This tool helps customers of any industry or market quickly understand what building health could look like at their facility and what the benefits to implementing these options could be. It includes details on solutions like Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization (NPBI), touchless fixtures, preventive maintenance, integrated control systems and UV lighting.

Our newly launched NPBI solution has become a popular choice for many customers. Customers who choose this solution often express a desire to ensure their occupants feel safe. To support this concern, upon the installation of an NPBI unit, we offer customers a window display, which informs occupants an NPBI unit has been installed to maximize the air quality, cleanliness and safety of the facility. This gives our customers a way to show their occupants that they are taking proactive steps to create the optimal environment for their visitors and employees. Bassett Mechanical also has taken steps to install this solution in all four of our office locations.

Facilities of all shapes and sizes can benefit from these responsible and innovative approaches to indoor air quality. We are proud to expand these options to provide the peace of mind customers need during a time when air quality and comfort are especially significant to their operations.

Company: Bassett Mechanical
Innovation: Facility upgrades

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