D|K helps businesses innovate through people, products and processes

With roots tracing back 130 years, Davis|Kuelthau is proud to continue its legacy of serving as outside general counsel to the gamut of businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals who have built this great state.

Who is D|K?
In 1891, the law firm of Stover and Stover was founded by James H. Stover and focused its practice on maritime law. In 1905, Carl Rix formed his own law firm and was joined by his nephews, Carl Kuelthau and Earl R. Kuelthau, in the 1920s. In 1941, Robertson, Hoebreckx, Davis & Vergeront was founded and soon gained prominence in private and public sector labor relations and general corporate matters. These three firms merged in 1967 to form Davis, Kuelthau, Vergeront & Stover. In 1980, Werner & Goodland, a real estate and financial institution law firm, merged with the firm, creating Davis|Kuelthau.

D|K has embraced tremendous growth in attorneys and Wisconsin offices over the years, as well as the scope of legal services offered. Our growth was fueled by strategic mergers and acquisitions as well as the hiring of talented, well-established attorneys throughout the state including, at various points, Appleton, Green Bay, Oshkosh and Sheboygan. Today, our team spans the state with offices in Appleton, Brookfield, Green Bay, Madison and Milwaukee.

Most recently, the attorneys at Northwind IP Law and Epiphany Law joined D|K in Appleton, expanding the firm’s existing presence in the New North region. Drawing upon the firm’s broader depth and combined with our Green Bay office, this regional team offers the full suite of business law services including corporate, employment, intellectual property, litigation, mergers and acquisitions, succession planning, tax, and, for individuals, estate and wealth planning.

Through every expansion, D|K has remained true to its vision and mission. We are known for our commitment to providing clients with high-quality, personalized service.

At D|K, client needs and expectations are every employee’s primary concern — a simple combination of listening and caring. A firmwide review process ensures that we continually improve staff efficiency and maintain the high standard of work that clients expect of us and that we expect of ourselves. The result? We serve not only as legal advisers but as partners in our clients’ businesses.

Leaders in protecting innovation
The most valuable business assets often are intangible assets. Yet, while most business owners take steps to protect equipment, buildings and employees, they often overlook protecting their intangible assets. Failure to protect intangible assets can lead to costly losses.

D|K’s team has served the intellectual property needs of entrepreneurs, small- to mid-sized institutions and large corporations for several decades. Many of our IP colleagues previously served as in-house counsel to some of the nation’s most renowned innovators and
thus offer both the business know-how and the legal savvy to counsel you on all aspects of IP including patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets.

Our technical experience covers a wide range of engineering, scientific, computer and medical principles as well as business methods. We work with manufacturers producing the latest innovations in areas such as adhesives, electronics, food and beverage, furniture, lighting, machinery, plastics, steel, tools, transportation and more. We also serve the gamut of businesses serving the manufacturing industry including construction, real estate and financial services.

We are committed to helping our clients throughout the IP process from application or protection to enforcement of rights to defense of infringement claims. We work with clients to reduce their IP risks by:

  1. Helping business leaders understand what can and should be protected
  2. Identifying potential and actual risks
  3. Establishing controlled access to data and creating HR policies surrounding the IP
  4. Creating and leveraging a proactive loss prevention program

In short, we bring real-world experience and understanding, and a results-oriented mindset, to help you innovate through your people, products and processes. When the time is right, we’d be delighted to talk to you about your needs. 

Meet our Appleton and Green Bay team:
Michael J. Bendel | Kathryn M. Blom | Robert W. Burns | Timothy A. Cisler | Sherry D. Coley | Thomas J. Connelly | Bruce B. Deadman  | Kevin L. Eismann | Timothy J. Feldhausen | Patrick D. Furman | Gini L. Hendrickson | Stephen C. Jensen | James M. Kalny | Heather J. Macklin | Robert L. Macklin | Alexis M. Merbach | Thomas V. Rohan | Anthony J. Steffek | Abby S. Tilkens | Ted A. Warpinski | Tiffany E. Woelfel

Company: Davis|Kuelthau, s.c.
Innovation: Helping businesses protect their IP
Website: dkattorneys.com

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