Providing safety measures with efficient automation

In the wake of COVID-19, Camera Corner Connecting Point strived to ensure businesses could continue operations either remotely or safely in the office for those unable to work from home.

One of the many solutions needed for safe onsite operations is temperature monitoring devices. Organizations around the country dedicated staff members to using touchless, handheld thermometers to ensure no one with a fever entered the facility. Although this was functional, it was far from efficient. Manual temperature reading created lines to get into stores and delayed employees from getting to their daily duties, as well as increased costs by allocating staff to temperature scanning rather than performing their job duties.

Customers and employees alike were frustrated and needed a better system.

Clients approached CCCP as a technology innovation leader, asking for a solution. As a platinum HP reseller, CCCP used its relationship and buying power to identify leading-edge technology in temperature scanning — the Meridian Temperature Screening Kiosk. The Meridian is a touchless temperature-scanning device designed to protect the health and safety of employees and guests by preventing anyone with an elevated temperature from entering a facility. This kiosk also has the ability to set alarms that sound when those above the temperature threshold attempt to enter.

Additionally, the Meridian has facial recognition software and can tie into your existing physical security systems to allow doors to unlock if individuals are recognized and do not have a fever. This kiosk scans for temperatures quickly and easily, with a green or red light as well as auditory confirmation of whether a fever is detected. By using a Meridian Temperature Screening Kiosk, CCCP’s clients are able to continue business operations without having to dedicate staff to taking temperatures manually.

CCCP has kiosks available for live demo onsite at its downtown Green Bay location on the corner of Main and Monroe. To set up a demo, contact Michael Seering at (920) 438-0507.

Company: Camera Corner Connecting Point
Innovation: Meridian Temperature Screening Kiosk

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