Sure Controls improves tech connections

Sure Controls’ mission is delighting our customers through design foresight, product leadership and unequaled responsiveness. With that in mind, the Sure Controls engineering team set to work building a solution that encompasses every one of those goals. What they came up with was the SureConnect Remote Service Box.

The SureConnect Remote Service Box is a standalone system that establishes a remote connection to any ethernet or Profibus network. This technology permits Sure Controls technicians to assist, troubleshoot and diagnose any installation at any time from any location. This service provides numerous benefits, including creating shorter shutdowns, helping customers avoid downtime maintenance and related expenses, allowing technicians to access equipment that otherwise could not be accessed remotely, and letting technicians move from machine to machine quickly and easily. This Wi-Fi-enabled device gives us easy access to any of our customers’ machines within their plants.

Uncomplicated for us and easy for our customers, the SureConnect Box requires little effort or IT assistance to set up for our customers. All that is needed to get the box working is to power the Wi-Fi access point box using a standard extension cord plug into a 120VAC outlet and to plug an ethernet cable into an internet connection. Sure Controls will remotely configure the boxes to connect to the local machine network.

Sure Controls is excited to introduce this new innovative service offering to our customer base. We believe this service will help our manufacturing customers avoid downtime and losses and provide us with an extra ability to deliver unequaled responsiveness.

In addition to the SureConnect Remote Box, another innovation on the Sure Controls calendar is a mobile collaborative robot using Omron technology to provide the ultimate in flexible automation to meet existing and future automation needs. On the leading edge of industrial automation, Sure Controls has an exciting list of upcoming projects in store for 2021 and beyond.

Company: Sure Controls Inc.
Innovation: SureConnect Remote Service Box

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