Water that acts like bleach

“Yeah, and what else does it do, cure cancer?” That’s the kind of sarcastic and often hostile reaction Roving Blue CEO Yana DeMyer has often gotten when trying to explain her company’s core technology to the first-time listener.

“It does sound way too good to be true. I tell people that we can take ordinary tap water, dissolve some gas into it, and that gas turns the water into a powerful sanitizing solution —stronger than chlorine even — and that they can then use it to purify water, and to clean and sanitize surfaces. Then that gas quickly reverts to ordinary oxygen, so there are no chemicals left behind. Well, that does seem to be a stretch, doesn’t it?” DeMyer says.

But the fact is, the process is real. The gas discussed is ozone and when it is dissolved into water, it does all that. “The implications are vast. Any one person or any business that uses chemicals to sanitize things could potentially benefit from this technology. It is low cost, can get very small and portable (the GO3™ water bottle pod, the first device to sanitize water in the bottle), and requires very little power. Institutionally, there could be huge water savings to boot, as you don’t have to rinse the water away; it’s just water.”

Our barrier is awareness. Thank you, Insight Publications, for helping us tell our story. If your business would like to explore what electrolytic ozone can do for you, please call or visit our website to learn more.

Company: Roving Blue
Innovation: Power of EO3
Website: rovingblue.com

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