Element celebrates 15 years

Great Work. Bottom Line.

Businesses need a partner who can understand their goals, execute the strategy and get sales results. That’s where we thrive. Element’s integrated approach is a results-driven strategy that connects marketing to sales while leveraging the buyer’s path-to-purchase.

Element is purpose built. In today’s interconnected world, you need a multi-channel marketing solution that is consistent across all touchpoints.

Since you can’t be an expert in everything, Element assembled a team of pros from across the country, all right here in one spot! This team approach simply works better for you than managing multiple vendors with multiple agendas.
We unify your traditional marketing, digital presence, public relations, social media and then strengthen it all with great creative work. We track everything to continuously improve, based on data-driven analysis, strategy and execution.

WHO is Element?
Since 2003, we’ve been obsessed with finding a better way to build a high-performing suite of integrated marketing services. One step at a time, we continually grow. Here are some examples:
1. Since website programming and design need to be one unified effort to deliver the right solution, we hired an in-house team of programmers to work alongside our designers.
2. Public relations from an outside
firm can’t fully integrate into our marketing team’s daily strategy, so we added them to the crew.
3. Social, digital and SEO are so ingrained into a digital footprint’s framework, there’s no way to do it properly from the outside, so we assembled that team.

You get the point. We found better ways, and we continue to interconnect our disciplines from expert to expert, even after 15 years of evolving and adapting.

A Brief Word on our History
Our focus is on the future, not the past. Although we’re proud of 15 years of success, it’s our drive to bring powerful solutions to our clients today and into the future that motivates us each day.

That said, and since this is an anniversary issue, Element was established in 2003 — the brainchild of Lance Peroutka (principal and agency director) and Aldis Strazdins (former co-owner). Since its inception, the agency has moved out of its not-so-lavish basement locale, built a headquarters in De Pere, and opened a second location in Neenah in mid-2016.

Each year, we’ve increased sales and have now quadrupled in size while carving out a niche position in the industry.
“We take pride in providing a unique blend of in-house services that combine great creative work, traditional marketing tactics, sales process management, public relations, content marketing and digital strategies,” Peroutka said.

Translation? All the elements that a business needs to click.

You Get Results
We don’t have all the answers, but we know how to get them. It requires a group effort and buy-in from you and your team to create a holistic partnership that aligns marketing and sales. When execution is an extension of strategy, you get the best of both worlds. You get results. Let’s do it … we deliver Great Work. Bottom Line. Meet our team of experts atgoelement.com/culture.

2081 Profit Place
De Pere, WI 54115
(920) 983-9700
[email protected]

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