Innovation Special Award – Marketing Winner

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2020 Innovation Special Award — Marketing Category Winner

Wisconsin Timber Rattlers

A Moo-ving salute to Wisconsin

In June 2019, the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers baseball team accomplished the near impossible: It conducted a total, one-day rebrand of its organization, transforming into the Wisconsin Udder Tuggers.

The idea was designed as a fun way to promote Wisconsin’s dairy industry, allowing the Timber Ratters to truly become a “farm” team, showing its support for the region.

The rebrand instantly went viral, notching more than 1 million impressions and more than 100,000 engagements on social media on the first day alone. Within five hours of the announcement, all merchandise sold out. Within a week, more than $100,000 worth of merchandise was sold across all 50 states and multiple countries.

By the end of 2019, roughly $250,000 worth of merchandise was sold, putting the Timber Rattlers in the top 25 of all Minor League souvenir sales.

The rebrand was inspired by June Dairy Month and the team’s annual tradition of a “Salute to Cows” night. On June 20, 2019, as the Udder Tuggers took the field, the team played in front of a sold-out crowd. That night brought the season’s largest attendance as inflatable cows, cheese samplings, milk mustaches, a cow-themed giveaway and a cow from a local dairy farm welcomed fans at the stadium.

The Wisconsin Timber Rattlers have a tradition of innovative promotions. In 2018, the team rebranded itself as the Wisconsin Brats for one game. In 2019, the Timber Rattlers took it up a notch, and as one of the judges said, the Udder Tuggers “drew a lot of attention to an important state industry that really benefited from the marketing promotion.

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