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Manufacturing's big year

Posted on Jan 15, 2018 ::
Posted by , Insight on Manufacturing Staff Writer

There is a whole lot of optimism surrounding manufacturing in Northeast Wisconsin. That shows no signs of abating any time soon, according to the eighth annual Northeast Wisconsin Manufacturing Vitality Index.

In 2017, nearly 60 percent of manufacturers reported an increase in sales. In 2018, nearly 75 percent expect to increase sales again. A whopping 99 percent classified their company’s finances as healthy or quite healthy for the next six to 12 months.

The survey was administered in October and November 2017 by the University of Wisconsin- Oshkosh Business Success Center. The sample was drawn from 601 manufacturers in Northeast Wisconsin with $3 million or more in annual revenue and 25 or more employees; 147 companies completed either a telephone or online survey (24 percent response rate).

Responses are at a 95 percent confidence level.


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