Quality Assembly & Logistics celebrates 10 years

TEN YEARS AGO, GUY AND SARA MEYERHOFER purchased Quality Assembly & Logistics (QAL). Eight years ago, QAL purchased a line of continuous passive motion machines that changed their lives and lives of many others, including Guy’s father. Now 93, he had both knees and one hip replaced. As part of his rehabilitation process, he used a CPM machine to speed up his recovery after his surgeries. Coowners Guy Meyerhofer, who serves as president, and his wife Sara Meyerhofer, who serves as CEO, quickly realized there is a whole generation who could benefit from the line.

“As I looked into the product line more, I realized there was going to be a sustained demand for the product,” Guy
Meyerhofer says. “Baby boomers want to be active as long as possible, and they have the money to do so.”

The product line includes 12 models that cover body parts from the shoulder to the ankle. The machines are designed toaid and speed the recovery process after injuries and surgeries. They move joints continuously and gently within a doctordetermined range of motion, using a mechanical splint.

With more than 600,000 knee replacements and 300,000-plus hip replacements performed in the United States each year, the investment appears sound indeed. A 2006 American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons study projected hip replacements would increase 174 percent and knee replacements a whopping 673 percent within 20 years.

Guy Meyerhofer’s years of industry and management experience helped QAL transition seamlessly to manufacturing the line, while Sara Meyerhofer had spent the bulk of her career as a registered nurse — a job that prepared her to navigate the strict regulatory compliance requirements of manufacturing medical equipment.

Thanks to the Meyerhofers’ careful planning, the business today boasts a diverse lineup of products and services ranging from manufacturing, restoration and refurbishment of medical equipment for major companies such as GE Healthcare and Siemens AG to manufacturing fire suppression products for National Foam and Kidde Fenwal. QAL employs about 40 workers and brings in $10 million in annual revenue. Guy Meyerhofer is proud of what he, Sara and his employees have built — products that ease people’s recovery and may even save lives.

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