3 steps to take when selecting a telecom carrier

Posted on Jul 29, 2019 :: Partner
Posted by by Jake Vande Hey, IT sales director, Marco

The telecom carrier your company chooses to work with is one of the most important decisions your business will make. The internet connectivity and telecommunication tools available to your business impact everything from your online presence in the industry to internal and external communication.

Selecting the right telecom carrier agent

The right carrier is the telecom company that can help you achieve business goals by providing the IT support you rely on from day to day. Selecting the right telecom carrier comes down to quality. Internet connectivity, data and voice help power the daily operations and communication of your business.

Creating a multilayered defense

#1: What are your business telecom needs? If your decision to switch carriers is driven by the desire to save money on your telecommunication expenses, it’s important to ensure you don’t sacrifice service and reliability for a lower monthly bill. Not all telecom carriers offer the same level of technology or services, and there may be a carrier with more advanced technology that could better benefit your business. Plus, taking a look into the future will help you select a telecom carrier that can support your growth plans.

#2: Connect with telecom carriers. Don’t feel like you need to limit the number of carriers you contact. Holding individual meetings allows each carrier to develop the most accurate proposal possible for the services you require, and working with multiple carriers during the proposal phase will allow you to compare services offered, reliability, account management, customer support and prices.

#3: Engage with a telecom carrier agent. By engaging an agent or carrier consultant, you’ll have an advocate who is looking out for the best interest of your company above their own benefit. Agents can offer more neutral opinions that help your business select the telecom carrier with the services, reliability and support that are best for your business.

What factors within your company should telecom support?

The simple answer to this question is everything, including support of some of the following areas of business within your company:

Mobile connectivity. An increasing number of businesses are enabling a mobile workforce to improve the connectivity of remote workers and offer better communication for employees. Your service coverage as a company expands when you have a reliable service provider.

Migration to the cloud. The growth of high-speed internet has enabled more companies to migrate services and technology to the cloud. The shift of software and physical infrastructure to the cloud saves the company money by reducing onsite hardware costs and expanding access to software applications to all employees.

Better management. A good telecom carrier will help your business monitor costs and control expenses related to telecom services in addition to just providing reliable services and products. 

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