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Two IT firms merge into Loyality

Posted on Jan 30, 2020 :: Feature
Posted by , Insight on Technology Staff Writer

Last summer, two information technology companies with offices in Green Bay — ROC and SRC Technologies — announced a merger, creating a company with a larger footprint in the IT industry. In July, President and CEO Kari Serrahn shared news that the two companies would operate under a single name: Loyality. Insight Editor MaryBeth Matzek talked with Serrahn about how the new company will be able to serve more customers.

Q: How do ROC and SRC Technologies complement each other?

With ROC and SRC Technologies now merged into Loyality, we can expand our service offerings and have more technological depth and breadth to offer our new and existing clients. 

What are Loyality’s capabilities, and how do they meet customers’ needs?

Our specialties include managed information technology services, cybersecurity and general information technology consulting. Loyality serves a variety of industries such as financial, legal, health care and manufacturing. We strive to be a part of our client’s business, with the goal of being viewed as their information technology department or an extension thereof. Our goal is to get to know the business intimately, understand their operations and help them leverage technology to realize their full potential.

How did you develop the name for the merged company? Why was it important to have a unique name rather than just assuming one name or the other?

The name Loyality comes from the words our staff used to describe our company and how they want the world to view us. Words like trustworthy, honest, fair and loyal were at the top of each employee’s list. We wanted a new name that we felt exemplified both companies and our goals moving forward. We wanted something different and as unique as our approach to managing information technology. 

Businesses rely on technology now more than ever. Where do you see companies having the biggest challenges?

Securing company data and intellectual property is one of the biggest challenges organizations face today. Cybersecurity requires more than just a single product or service — it truly must become a mindset. We work with each client to help them develop a business continuity plan in the event they suffer a cybersecurity attack; however, our ultimate focus is prevention. We drive our clients to standardization and work painstakingly to help them adhere to industry best practices. We strongly encourage end-user education training, several layers of security (defense in depth) and the regular verification of backup integrity.

As a technology company, how do you stay up to date on the latest industry changes?

Our technical staff is always learning, whether it be by reviewing the latest technical publications, Microsoft best practices or the latest guidelines from the National Institute of Standards and Technology. At Loyality, we value everyone’s opinion and give everyone a seat at the table. Each employee is encouraged to share new ideas and discoveries they feel can help us improve upon our service delivery. We are never satisfied and strive for intense continuous improvement.