Three benefits of hosting e-recycling, scrap metal drives

Posted on Apr 30, 2019 :: Partner
Posted by Chad Hayes, chief technology officer & director of e-recycling, Sadoff E-Recycling & Data Destruction

The “out with the old, in with the new” mindset is becoming ever more popular. However, the reality is that rather than being taken “out,” old electronics pile up in our homes and offices. In fact, it’s estimated that only 20 percent of global e-waste is collected
and properly recycled, even though there are many benefits to doing so.

Hosting e-recycling drives is one way you can help the problem and your organization at the same time. Here are three benefits of e-recycling drives to consider when you need a fundraiser or an easy way to help meet sustainability goals.

1. It’s a great way to fundraise

When marketed effectively, e-recycling drives can be profitable fundraisers. Last April, we were asked to assist with an electronics recycling drive for a local high school looking to help its band raise money to go to Pearl Harbor. During their drive, 8,000 pounds of electronics were collected, resulting in $1,000 profit.

Organizations that take part in e-recycling drives also give back to employees, help employees properly dispose of outdated electronics and allow for an annual business cleanup.

2. It’s sustainable and ecofriendly

E-recycling drives provide valuable outlets for schools and organizations to celebrate Earth Day and for businesses to be more sustainable. E-recycling drives help corporations properly dispose of obsolete electronics and equipment. Since there are fines associated improper disposal of electronics, these drives are not only responsible; they’re also valuable.

3. It’s easy to do

Hosting e-recycling and scrap metal drives can be fairly simple, especially if you get help from an experienced partner. A proven partner can provide support for all logistics, from providing receptacles and trailers to supervising the sorting of materials. Staff members can help run the drive and show volunteers how to effectively and efficiently stack, move and sort materials, depending on the needs of the business or organization. The goal of a good partner should be to provide these services while allowing the organization to receive the recognition.

How it works

With the right partner, e-recycling drives can be easy and convenient for everyone.
Here’s a handy checklist to get started:

  • Contact a trusted recycling partner to set up an e-scrap drive.
  • Your business or organization promotes the event prior on social media, local signage, and via email — the more you promote it, the better you will do!
  • Your partner provides the means to sort electronics and educates your staff on the details.
  • Your partner picks up all e-scrap following your drive.
  • Your partner assesses the value of the items collected.
  • You receive the profit left over after costs for recycling, disposals and the drive are met.

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Chad Hayes joined Sadoff Iron and Metal in 2015. He oversees and leads the strategic planning and implementation of IT.  With his extensive 20 years of IT and business leadership experience and passion for data security, he was the perfect choice to establish, build and lead the Sadoff E-Recycling & Data Destruction Company, a company of Sadoff Iron and Metal. He can be reached at [email protected].